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American Society of Papyrologists Summer Seminars in Papyrology

NEW! Information concerning the Berkeley Seminar

The ten universities listed below have undertaken to create a 10-year sequence of summer programs in papyrology, with one seminar to be held each year by one of the universities. During the ten-year period, the American Society of Papyrologists will seek to raise a permanent endowment for the program so that it can be continued after 2012. Such seminars were last offered in the late 1960s.

Each seminar will have a distinctive focus, to be established by the host institution. These emphases will be chronological, linguistic, or thematic, or some combination of these; they will reflect local interests and available resources. It is planned that some seminars will involve forms of the Egyptian language and scripts as well as Greek. For example, one seminar might focus on the Hellenistic period and include Greek and Demotic; another might combine literary and documentary; another might focus on Late Antiquity and include Greek and Coptic.

The prospective audience is current graduate students and younger faculty members in relevant fields, including Classics, Ancient History, Egyptology, Ancient Religions, and Biblical Studies. Approximately 10 participants will be chosen for each seminar by the host institution. Normally the programs will be six weeks long, but modest variations from this length are possible. The programs will demand a full-time commitment (i.e., Monday-Friday, 9-5) from participants. The faculty will include both those who regularly teach at the host institution and guest professors from other universities in North America and Europe. The ASP will provide a certificate to those completing the institute, but the host institutions will not grant credit nor provide a transcript.

Each institution will establish its own budget and find funding for its seminar. Although details are not yet available, it is expected that all or most seminars will have some funds available for stipends to defray some of the participants' costs. Home institution support will be necessary for at least some of the participants. There will be no tuition fee.

Participating institutions:

(with names of faculty involved in the planning of the seminars)





West Coast:


Tentative schedule of seminars:

(with anticipated themes)

  • 2003:Yale (Greek and Latin papyri; Dura-Europos)
  • 2004:Berkeley (Ptolemaic Egypt; Greek and Demotic)
  • 2005:Cincinnati (details to be announced)
  • 2006:Columbia (Late Antiquity: Greek and Coptic documents, education)
  • 2007:(none)
  • 2008:Stanford
  • 2009:Michigan
  • 2010:(none)
  • 2011:BYU
  • 2012:Urbana

Questions about the multi-year program of seminars may be directed to Roger Bagnall.