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The Center for the Tebtunis Papyri

Regional Partners

Through the APIS Regional Partners Program major collections participating in APIS consult with other papyri-owning collections in their respective geographical areas so that items in these collections may be catalogued and digitized for inclusion in the APIS database.

Through the initiative of Papyrologist Todd Hickey, CTP has taken responsibility for the Western U.S. region. So far, two collections have agreed to participate.

Stanford University: With the cooperation and collaboration of Professors Susan Stephens and Joseph G. Manning, the papyri owned by Stanford University will be represented in APIS.

Washington State University: With the cooperation of librarians and faculty at WSU in Pullman, AHMA graduate student Ken Jones (who has served as a Graduate Student Researcher in CTP) spent time in summer 2003 studying the pieces in the WSU study collection, preparing catalogue entries, and scanning them in accordance with APIS standards. Ken also had the opportunity to give informal lectures about the papyri to students, librarians, and faculty, and he is supplying the library there with explanatory materials for use in future presentations. His research trip to work on the collection was supported by a travel grant from CTP.

Please return at a later date for additional information concerning these and other partners.